How to Improve Your Blog With This 90 Day Plan 2022

Would you like to improve your blog this year?

How would you like to accomplish that within just a 90 day period?

If you’re here reading this post then hopefully your answers were yes.  I bet you’re curious about what I have to share right?

It all started with a conversation I had the other day with Melissa, a good blogging friend of mine.  She called me out of frustration because she just seemed to be spinning her wheels.

It can be SO frustrating when you are doing the work yet not getting the results you had hoped for.  Not that Melissa didn’t have people reading her posts or subscribing to her newsletter.

Her problem was that those numbers weren’t increasing nor were they turning into sales.  There was something she obviously wasn’t doing to help this process along but couldn’t figure out what that was.

Can you relate to this at all?

Melissa was just fed up with getting the same results day in and day out.  Being an entrepreneur and running your own business is SO rewarding.  Blogging is as well because it’s where you get to make some amazing connections with people who love what you share.  Some of them even end up becoming clients too.


It’s not so rewarding though when the results you were going after are just nonexistent.

I had some suggestions for Melissa to help start her year off right that I learned from Todd Herman.  He’s a master at helping people achieve their goals in a shorter period of time.

I thought what better way to start off the new year than to also share this with you?

These are things she can start focusing on to help her start improving her blog and you can as well.  I highly suggest just focusing on a 90-day period at a time and don’t get too far ahead of yourself.  We all know how quickly things can change.

Here is the 3 steps process to help you get there.

#1. What You Are Aiming To Achieve

The first thing you have to do is write down what it is you want to achieve.  No surprise there right?

Maybe it’s to get more targeted traffic to your blog or maybe you want more readers.  Maybe you’re doing well with both of those but you want more subscribers or even more clients.

Whatever that one goal is you want to focus on that specifically.

Your goal should also be something tangible, like a specific number.

When you’re more specific with your goal then you have something to work towards.  Once you start seeing results then it becomes much more believable and that’s where the excitement comes in.

We all know when we work towards something and then start seeing results, that can be our turning point to achieving everything we’ve always desired.

#2. Getting to Work

This is where you choose the strategies you’ll use in order to achieve your results.

Most people just jot down their goals, and what they need to do in order to achieve them and then get to work.  What I have learned is that you need to break those down into two-week segments.

Here is what I mean:

I want to achieve ______________________ in the next 90 days.

I will improve the number of subscribers that I want from 1 to 3 by ___________________. (Insert the date 2 weeks from now).

#3. The Process

The process has to do with the who, what, when, and where.

Who’s doing it
What are they doing
When are they doing it
Where is it happening

Here is an example of what I mean:

Each Monday I will sit at my desk and launch a new Facebook ad.

Be very specific and focus on that one goal.  Also, be sure to track your results because this is how you’ll be able to tell whether or not the tasks you’re implementing are on the right track.

Blogging Isn’t a Game

I run across a lot of different people through my consulting business.  For the most part, I’m blessed to work with people who are dedicated to their businesses.

They’re eager to get to work and will do whatever it takes.

Then you have those who let every single thing that comes up be the excuse as to why they weren’t able to get the work done.

Those are the people who continually make excuses.  Those are the people who will never get anywhere with their business or their blogs.  Those are the people that I can almost guarantee you don’t have what it takes to actually make this work.  Sad but true.

Now we all have lives outside our business and our families mean the world to us.  Just because your business is online though doesn’t make it any less important.  Constant interruptions will never get the job done.

If you had an office to go to every single day I bet you wouldn’t have those interruptions would you?

You need to treat your blog as a business because it’s the marketing tool that’s bringing people to you.  Remember, blogging isn’t a game…

Time to Get Serious

It’s a new year, we have new goals or maybe we’re continuing with the ones we had last year.  We’re expanding on where we left off in order to take our blogs and business to the next level.

Do you have all of yours in place?  Do you have your goals all written down and are ready to dive in to get some fabulous results?

Maybe you’re like Melissa who wasn’t quite sure what exactly she should be doing since she thought her tasks were taking her in the right direction.  Not seeing any of the results you had hoped for is very disheartening.

I know you’re ready to take charge of your own life as well and get the ball rolling as far as your future is concerned.

If you’re tired of where you are and you want the results that can prove over and over again the success that you can achieve then I want you to click here and get a free consultation.

Eager to hear what plans you have for this new year so please let me know in the comments below.

Let’s go get this year started right shall we?

Writing & Style : Credit: Adrienne Smith

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