What Is A Pingback In WordPress? 2023 Update

Pingback in WordPress is a comment that is automatically created on other websites when you add the other post link in your blog post. Pingback allows notifying the other blogger that their post link was added in your website article.

A Pingback will be created when another website has enabled pingback on their website.

How Pingbacks Will Be Created??

Just add other website post links within your website post or page. If other websites enabled pingbacks, a comment will be popped up in their post comments section. Then they can choose to approve the comment on their blog.

Ex:  The blog admin published an article on his blog “A” and mentioned the blog “B” article link on his blog post. The blog “B” will automatically receive the pingback on his post comments section.

Depending on the WordPress theme, pingbacks may or may not show the excerpt of the post content from another’s blog posts.

You can enable/disable the pingbacks on your website by changing the settings in your WordPress dashboard.

Enable/Disable The Pingbacks:

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Settings > Discussion.

Under default article settings, click on “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles” to enable pingbacks on your website and leave them as empty to disable pingbacks.


You can also disable the pingbacks on individual posts under discussion settings by unchecking the “allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page”.

allow comments discussion

If you did not find the discussion tab, go to the screen option in the Post Edit screen and enable it by checking the discussion box. Now you can enable/disable the pingbacks on individual posts under discussion settings.

Screen Options

By enabling the pingbacks you’ll receive the self-pings on your website posts.

What Are Self-Pings?

By enabling the pingbacks on your website you’ll receive the pingback on your post when one of your post link to another post. These are called self-pings.

I hope this article helped you to know about Pingback in WordPress.

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